Collect Data

CNRM Information Systems

The Informatics Core currently provides the following information systems to support CNRM funded clinical research protocols:

CNRM Web Portal

The CNRM Web Portal new window is an internal content management system designed to provide researchers and cores staff to store their research and service related documents; it is also used for collaboration and communication between research programs and cores.

Global Unique Identifier (GUID)

CNRM GUID new window is an identifier that allows researchers to associate and share data specific to a study participant without exposing personally identifiable information (PII). The GUID is made up of random alpha-numeric characters and is NOT directly generated from PII/PHI. That is, the GUID system allows any data collected from different sites, of the same subject, to be associated without transmitting or exposing any PII.

Clinical Trial Database (CTDB)

The CTDB new window is an data collection and management tool to facilitate the creation of case report forms (CRF), questionnaires with visit intervals, and provides a web based data entry interface allowing for data validation and monitoring workflow for any research protocols. Through this user-friendly interface, the CTDB helps to track clinical protocol data, design data collection questionnaires, capture data, import and export data, analyze clinical protocol data and create reports

Integrated Biomedical Informatics System (IBIS)

The IBIS new window is a collaborative project among NINDS, NICHD and CIT funded by NIH, CNRM and DoD to build sustainable informatics infrastructures to support and catalyze biomedical research on TBI. The project was built based on existing applications and tools at NIH for scientific administration, clinical information management for research and data repository (or data warehouse) that includes supporting tools such as common data element, global unique identifier, data dictionary and validation tool, etc.