Collect Data

For PIs

The CNRM informatics core provides information systems including data capture and assessment tools to support clinical research protocols across diverse research programs. In addition, the core is developing the data repository system capable of integrating data collected by different research programs and scientific cores including the Biospecimen Repository Core new window and the Imaging Processing Core new window to support overall CNRM research mission and to stimulate collaboration across disciplines to catalyze innovative approaches for biomedical discovery to traumatic brain injury (TBI) research.

To maximize the benefit of data sharing, it is essential to have clearly defined and accurate information with the data being collected (i.e. data dictionary). A well-defined data dictionary helps support the research community's vision of collaboration. To achieve high levels of integration, CNRM Informatics Core also participates in TBI community data standardization efforts supporting national TBI research and data repository project (e.g. NINDS common data elements new window).

In addition, CNRM participates in the Federal Interagency Traumatic Brain Injury Research (FITBIR) new window informatics system to leverage the power of data sharing among different federal funding agencies.